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Mission Statement

To provide compassionate care, the highest service standards, and bereavement support to the communities and families that we serve.


It is our philosophy to provide families with the highest quality of care and compassion. We have been doing that as a family for over 95 years. Our goal is to help every family with all aspects of the funeral. This allows us to build enduring and life- long relationships with the survivors. The staff at our funeral home are experts in all aspects of funeral service. We provide funerals to people of all religions and lifestyles. We take pride in our ability to customize every funeral experience to the wishes of the family and of the deceased.

It is the little things that make a difference. At Sperling's, we take the burden of paperwork and other details off of your shoulders. It is important to allow you the opportunity to grieve. By taking care of all of the little things, we allow families this time for their grief. During this time of crisis you should be able to help and support your family and friends, and our job is to make this process seamless for you. We encourage families to bring questions and concerns surrounding the funeral to us, so that we can answer these questions for them.

Funeral Service is ever-changing. It may not seem that way to outsiders, but we see new trends and new products every year. At Sperling’s, we provide a full range of services to help you, and make this difficult time as easy as possible. From visitations to memorial services we handle all types of services on a yearly basis. We base all of our funerals on service, and providing a funeral experience for your friends and family that will celebrate the life-long memories that they share of the deceased.

Cremation Services

Over half the families we serve choose cremation as a final form of disposition. From a simple cremation without services to one that includes a viewing we are here to assist you. We take a very hands on approach to cremation services. We guarantee that we will treat your family member with dignity and respect deserved. Involved in that respect is placing your loved one in a simple cremation container for the 24 hour hold period, for transportation to the crematory and cremation process. We also make an appointment to personally witness the cremation process begin and create a chain of custody. These details are important to us as we believe in treating all families like we would treat our own. Our direct cremation charges start at $1700.00

Traditional Burials

As has been the tradition for many families we offer services that include burial or entombment as final form of disposition. These services can range from an immediate burial to one with a viewing and/or funeral service. As our society changes we have adapted also. We understand that the word "Traditional" my conjure up thoughts of a family funeral from years back. Rest assured that we work very hard to make every service we help families with be cherished and represent the life of the descendent. Because details are important to us we stay at every burial until it is completed. This means staying until the outer burial container has been closed or mausoleum lid sealed. This is what again is what we would do for our own family so we believe we should do that for others. Our fee for immediate burial charge is $1799.00 plus the cost of a casket. Please call us for an accurate price quote for burials with viewings


As mentioned previously, we provide an extensive collection of memorial items. We offer caskets, urns, burial containers, monuments and memorials, flowers, and many more items. These items are only secondary to the service we provide. The Sperling family assures this by not applying any sales tactics to the purchase of merchandise. We believe in educating the families that we serve about the options of what is available to them, and then allow families to make the decisions. From least expensive to most expensive, the service we provide to each family will not change according to the level of merchandise they purchase. This is a different strategy from commission- driven sales tactics that some other funeral homes and cemeteries use, and that is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest.

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